Specials & Deals

— April Wine Sale —

This April we will be conducting our yearly wine sale! Here’s the lowdown:

Full Case Discount:
15% off a full case of wine
— either twelve (12) 750mL bottles or six (6) 1.5L bottles **

Half-Case Discount:
10% off a half case of wine — six (6) 750mL bottles only **

** Boxed wine is excluded from our April Wine Sale.

— case discounts —

We offer 10% off all cases of wine & spirits.

What makes a case?
Our case discount applies to any combination of wine and spirits that equals at least 9 liters. So, a case could be twelve (12) 750mL bottles, or six (6) 1.5-liter bottles, or even three (3) 3-liter boxes of wine. Feel free to mix and match them, too!