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Wine Tasting - Kloppitsch Rét & Jean Perrier Savoie Apremont

This weekend’s tasting is truly a treat. Mac has selected two delightful summer wines, from unusual regions, and made from unusual grapes.

The first is Kloppitsch Rét, a blend of Zweigelt and St. Laurent, which are two Austrian varietals that lend to a light, fruity, slightly savory wine that is perfect for summertime.

The other wine is a Savoie from Apremont. Savoie (“Sah-VWAH”) is a region in the French Alps where Jacquère (“Zhah-KEER”) grapes are grown—which is the same grape used to make Armagnac. Meanwhile, Apremont is a sub-region in Savoie where a massive rockslide completely changed the soil in the 1500’s, ultimately making this area a wonderfully unique wine-growing subregion.

Come in and give ‘em a swirl!